Using Choral Repertoire to Train Your Choristers

Choir directors consistently struggle with finding time to train our singers in theory, sight singing and musicianship, while still having ample time to prepare the choral repertoire. Dr. Lucas Tappan will offer practical tips on growing your choral program, engaging young singers and moving them from beginners to fully proficient singer/musicians, using the repertoire unique to your choir.

Presented by: Lucas Tappan, DMA

2023 Southern California Youth Choral Festival & Mass

The 2023 Pueri Cantores Southern California Youth Choral Festival & Mass took place on March 11 at St. Michael's Abbey in Silverado, CA. More than 300 singers from 18 different schools and parishes across Southern California united as one combined choir to sing God's praise and bring beautiful sacred music to life.

Engaging Sacred Music Repertoire for All Feasts and Seasons

One of the most significant keys to a successful youth choral program is the programming of repertoire that is both profound and engaging. Re-energize your children's choirs with exciting repertoire ideas for Feast days, concert programs, and school/parish events. Esteemed music educator Suzanne Fleming-Atwood will present an essential repertoire list of works for both choir and classroom which follows the liturgical calendar, and she will detail innovative ways to incorporate these pieces into your classroom and rehearsals.

Presented by: Suzanne Fleming-Atwood

How to prepare your choir for a Pueri Cantores Festival

AFPC President & Conductor Paul French presents: A choir director's guide to participating in a Pueri Cantores Festival

If you are new to Pueri Cantores or are a seasoned member that just needs a refresher for the upcoming 2022-23 season, this video will give you an inside look at what it entails to participate in a Festival. It includes many organizational tips to aid you in preparing your choir for an enriching and faith-filled choral experience.

The video will cover the following:

What is Pueri Cantores & our mission? (:22)

Building a Flourishing Catholic School Music Program

Of all the items in a parochial school music teacher's job description, the school Mass is often given short shrift, with more attention used for daily lesson plans and concert or musical preparation. In a paradigm shift, presenter Bruce Ludwick offers creative suggestions about how to prioritize the Sacred Liturgy and use it to further your efforts to teach vocal, choral, and musical education. The benefits to your music program, your school, and the lives of your students are eternal!

Presented by: Bruce Ludwick, Jr.

2022 Pueri Cantores Southern California Festival

The 2022 Pueri Cantores Southern California Catholic Youth Choral Festival Mass took place on Saturday, March 19th at Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove and included more than 300 young singers from Catholic School and parish youth choirs around Southern California, and Salt Lake City. This Festival Mass was celebrated by Bishop Kevin W. Vann and was live-streamed by Christ Cathedral.

Cultivating Diversity and Inclusivity in Youth Choral Programs

Engaging with a diverse community requires partnerships, active listening, learning curves, reflection, and action. How can we make choir and musical activities appealing and inclusive for students of diverse backgrounds during such formative years, and how do we retain their involvement through elementary, middle, and high school? In this webinar Dr. Marcela Molina discusses how-through creative programming-choir programs can attract students from various backgrounds, along with strategies for recruitment and retention.

Presented by: Dr. Marcela Molina