Building a Flourishing Catholic School Music Program

Of all the items in a parochial school music teacher's job description, the school Mass is often given short shrift, with more attention used for daily lesson plans and concert or musical preparation. In a paradigm shift, presenter Bruce Ludwick offers creative suggestions about how to prioritize the Sacred Liturgy and use it to further your efforts to teach vocal, choral, and musical education. The benefits to your music program, your school, and the lives of your students are eternal!

Presented by: Bruce Ludwick, Jr.

2022 Pueri Cantores Southern California Festival

The 2022 Pueri Cantores Southern California Catholic Youth Choral Festival Mass took place on Saturday, March 19th at Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove and included more than 300 young singers from Catholic School and parish youth choirs around Southern California, and Salt Lake City. This Festival Mass was celebrated by Bishop Kevin W. Vann and was live-streamed by Christ Cathedral.

Cultivating Diversity and Inclusivity in Youth Choral Programs

Engaging with a diverse community requires partnerships, active listening, learning curves, reflection, and action. How can we make choir and musical activities appealing and inclusive for students of diverse backgrounds during such formative years, and how do we retain their involvement through elementary, middle, and high school? In this webinar Dr. Marcela Molina discusses how-through creative programming-choir programs can attract students from various backgrounds, along with strategies for recruitment and retention.

Presented by: Dr. Marcela Molina

Reassessing, Renewing, and Rebuilding Youth Choral Programs

Because of the pandemic, choir directors and music teachers across the country have seen their programs change radically. What are the opportunities for growth here, in the face of these challenges? How do we rebuild choral programs after being dormant for so long, while still navigating through the instability and ups and downs of our COVID-19 reality? Join Dr. Richard Robbins as he discusses various modes of delivery and strategies for navigating the road ahead for choir directors.

2021 Pueri Cantores Virtual Choir Festival

The American Federation of Pueri Cantores is thrilled to present this inaugural 2021 Virtual Choir Festival! On May 22, Pueri Cantores singers in grades 3-8 from across the country joined with their peers and guest conductors via Zoom to rehearse and perform several sacred music repertoire pieces. This Virtual Choir Festival presentation is the product of their hard work and dedication to choir, passion for spreading God's Word through music, and their love and joy for singing.

Reimagining the 21st Century School Choral Rehearsal

Choir directors and music teachers across the country have radically transformed their curricula in various combinations of face-to-face, hybrid, and distance learning. What are the opportunities for growth here, in the face of these challenges? Dr. Richard Robbins, Director of Choral Activities at the University of Minnesota Duluth and a consultant for choral programs across the country, discusses various modes of delivery and the renewed focus on assessment and rehearsal planning that directors are now navigating.

Jubilate! Sung by the children of Pueri Cantores

During these uncertain and difficult times, we hope the singers of the American Federation of Pueri Cantores will be a bright light for you and your loved ones. Please enjoy this virtual choir with 60 students from around the U.S. performing as one united ensemble "Jubilate!" (Be Joyful in the Lord) by Michael Bedford. For more information about American Federation Pueri Cantores, please visit

AFPC/NCEA Webinar - How to Grow a Youth Choir

Every rehearsal has the potential to feel like a festival, but it takes time to cultivate and grow a choir. Whether you start from scratch or already have a core group, growth must always be nurtured. Gaining enthusiasm and commitment from your community, your pastor, and the children is essential. Director Linda Opaleski will share her recipe for attracting singers (both male and female) into your choir and keeping them there with the support of your families, parish and pastor.

AFPC/NCEA Webinar - Catholic Liturgical Music in Catholic Schools

Integral to the mission of Catholic schools is formation in liturgy and liturgical music. The Church calls on schools "to cultivate the repertoire of sacred music inherited from the past, to engage the creative efforts of contemporary composers and the diverse repertoires of various cultures, and to celebrate the Sacred Liturgy worthily." (Sing to the Lord #54) Further, we are to "foster the joy of singing" and develop a liturgical repertoire that supports the parish Sunday liturgy.