About Pueri Cantores

Pueri Cantores is an international Catholic choral organization that provides opportunities for school aged youth choirs from all backgrounds to participate in liturgical music.  Children will gain an appreciation of Plainchant, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, and Modern liturgical music set within the rich tradition of the Catholic Church.  Pueri Cantores aims to enhance the lives of young singers through this musical experience conducted within a nurturing environment.  Participation in Pueri Cantores can be a formational and transformational experience through the Liturgy for both choristers and conductors. Young people of all faiths and beliefs are welcomed. 

Opportunities to travel are part of Pueri Cantores.  We promote both religious and non-religious choral festivals in concert halls and cathedrals throughout the United States and Europe, in which all participants are invited to join.  Local choirs all learn the same repertoire, so that festival concerts feature a large chorus of young people who sing together as one.  Choristers often remember these events for their entire lives, and our goal of concert tours with integrity is an enriching life experience for everyone.

Pueri Cantores is a professionally-run organization, and the guest conductors present the best in Catholic choral traditions.  The annual Pueri Cantores membership fee is minimal, only $75 per choir. The cost to attend a regional choral festivals is a combined annual membership/festival registration fee of $150 per choir. Travel is optional.  Although travel expenses are paid by the individual, we work hard to keep costs to a minimum so that as many children as possible may participate.

A desire to sing is the only requirement!

American Federation Pueri Cantores is dedicated to:

  • Enhancing spiritual well-being of singers through the performance of sacred, spiritual, and patriotic music

  • Becoming a community resource through performances in religious, cultural, and community settings

  • Developing cultural compassion through travel and the building of national and international friendships

  • Creating collaborations between schools, churches, businesses, families and communities

  • Elevating education in the arts resulting in choral excellence, spiritual growth and academic enrichment

  • Providing information through curricular and repertoire guidelines, newsletters and a website

  • Attracting professional choral directors to instill those values and goals embraced by the organization

  • Increasing choir participation to achieve 400 choirs involving 10,000 children

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