How to prepare your choir for a Pueri Cantores Festival

AFPC President & Conductor Paul French presents: A choir director's guide to participating in a Pueri Cantores Festival

If you are new to Pueri Cantores or are a seasoned member that just needs a refresher for the upcoming 2022-23 season, this video will give you an inside look at what it entails to participate in a Festival. It includes many organizational tips to aid you in preparing your choir for an enriching and faith-filled choral experience.

The video will cover the following:

What is Pueri Cantores & our mission? (:22)

What is a Pueri Cantores Festival? (1:00)

When to start planning & how to get organized (2:50)

Festival fees (4:06) When & how to start preparing the music (6:02)

Repertoire considerations (6:35)

Acquiring festival music & teaching aids (7:38) Who conducts the festivals? (8:17)

Repertoire difficulty level & selecting voice parts for your singers (8:45)

Overview of a typical festival day (9:50)

Individual & combined preludes (11:15)

Festival age limits & chaperone requirements (12:05)

Festival attire (13:43)

Benefits of participating in a Pueri Cantores Festival (14:26) 

We hope to see your choir at one of our 15 Festival locations next year!